Hello, I am Kenji a Senior Designer here at The Lab at Sac State University Union. My closest friends and coworkers also know me as Kenjiboy. I was born and raised in the Capital City of Sacramento.
My college education started at Sac City where I took a multitude of classes and found that I really enjoyed studio art. I stumbled upon classes for Graphic Communications where I could take my love of art and technology and combine them. After a few semesters, I became a tutor in the MAC/CAD Lab where I taught others what I had learned and helped them understand the programs. I graduated with an AS in Graphic Communication in 2007.
After getting a solid foundation in design software from Sac City, I transferred to Sac State where I applied and was accepted into the Graphic Design Program. Here, I built upon my previous skill sets and mixed it with design. I took what I learned and applied it to freelance work and internships, while going through the Design Program. In 2008, I graduated from Sacramento State with a BS in Graphic Design. Following graduation I ended up staying at Sac State, working as a Graphic Designer in Collaborative Services at The University Union, aka The Lab where I had interned as a student. I am now the primary Designer for UNIQUE Programs and The University Union. On a daily basis I mentor and oversee our team of four graphic design interns. Here, I enjoy the freedom to keep on experimenting and discovering new ways of reaching people who are connected to Sac State.
I have several specialties in design that include typography, color theory, illustration, storyboard concepts, layout, photography, animation principles and techniques. I am diverse in the software I use including the Adobe Creative Suite, Glyphs, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Studio Pro, and Four Winds Interactive Software.
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